Hold your wedding party with us and have an unforgettable experience in our beautiful premises with atmosphere, charm and nostalgia.

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If you are celebrating an important event, but don't want a big party, a nice alternative could be a cozy brunch at Hotel Kryb in Ly Kro.

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Our function rooms

Hold your event in the city's most beautiful surroundings

Kryb i Ly Kro offers 11 party rooms of varying sizes, with space for smaller parties and larger events from 10 to 200 people.

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Floor 1
Our largest room at the inn, with space for up to 124 people.
The room is located on the ground floor

Floor 2
One of the smaller rooms with space for 24 people, is located in connection with Floor 1 and Floor 3 on the ground floor, and is ideal for meetings.

Floor 3
Floor 3 has a lovely natural view and classic style. With space for 36 people, you can set up smaller round tables or long tables.
The room is located on the ground floor.

Crawl in the shelter hall

The 3 halls can be combined into one large room - our Kryb i ly hall, with space for 150-180 people.

The King's Room

Kongestuen has room for 60 people. Both smaller round tables and oblong tables can be set up here.
The room is on the ground floor in connection with the Salon, where there is a sofa/lounge.


One of our larger rooms, with space for up to 60 people. The room is bright with many windows, carpet and space for long tables, as well as AV equipment, which also makes it ideal for meetings and conferences.
The room is located on the 1st floor

With space for 24 people, the room is ideal for meetings or smaller parties.
The room is elongated and located on the 1st floor with a view of Kolding Fjord.
There is also AV equipment.

Chr. d. VI Hall
The room has room for 42 people and is located on the 1st floor.
There is space here for medium-sized meetings and parties and can be set up with both long tables and round tables.