Restaurant KRYB I LY KRO is known for its fantastic cuisine with many of the good classic dishes on the menu. Our chefs spoil you with home-made specialities, fresh Danish ingredients, and we always follow the course of the seasons.

Raw materials:
Organic natural beef cattle and Bertels Pig
Bølling Græseg (local egg producer)
Unique cheese from Taulov

For restaurant visits of more than 8 people, advance booking is preferred to reduce the waiting time. Contact us on tel. 7556 2555 or krybily @finishing 

The restaurant's opening hours:
Lunch every day of the week from 12.00-15.00
Evening all days of the week from 17.30-21.00



Organic food brand

Hotel Kryb i Ly Kro is registered with the Food and Drug Administration's Organic Food Label in silver, which shows that we use 60-90% organic food.

The Organic Dining Label is a state-controlled labeling scheme for eateries. The Organic Food Label shows how much of the purchased food and drinks are organic.

Refood certificate

At Danske Hoteller, we put a lot of effort into stopping food waste and recycling.

We are in favor of sustainability, and with Dakas ReFood brand we can therefore say that...

  • We sort and have a recycling scheme for food waste
  • We have small plates on the buffet 
  • We receive training in food waste
  • We offer doggy bags for guests